ICE-T's BODY COUNT Is Still Writing Material For 'Carnivore' Album

May 10, 2019

BODY COUNT, the metal band fronted by hip-hop legend, actor and director Ice-T, has finished writing seven of the 11 songs it plans on including on its upcoming album, "Carnivore".

This past Wednesday, Ice-T tweeted about the disc: "Still writing this new BC album... 7 of 11 songs done. Just finished one called 'The Critical Beatdown'. not the @McsUltra version though... lol"

When a fan asked Ice-T what determines the track count, he responded: "After 10 songs I personally think you're working on a double album.. I'd rather do 10 bangers than 20 with 10 filler."

"Carnivore" is tentatively due before the end of the year.

Last June, Ice-T told Iain Chambers that BODY COUNT wanted to up the ante with its next album after setting a high standard with its last two studio releases.

"When we did [2014's] 'Manslaughter', it was 20 years [since the previous record], and I just wanted to see if we had a fanbase, and we did," he said. "We outdid 'Manslaughter' with 'Bloodlust', and the posse grew. So now we've gotta outdo 'Bloodlust'. That's our only goal — not to make the greatest rock album in history; it's just to outdo 'Bloodlust'."

According to Ice-T, he decided to call BODY COUNT's new album "Carnivore" because "people are getting so soft. It's okay for me to say, 'Oh, I'm a vegan,' or, 'I'm a vegetarian,'" he explained. "I say I'm carnivorous — I only eat meat. People go, 'What the fuck?' I think the person that's gonna come get you won't be a vegetarian; it will be [someone] carnivorous."

"Bloodlust" was released in March 2017. The disc included contributions from MEGADETH's Dave Mustaine, SOULFLY and CAVALERA CONSPIRACY's Max Cavalera and LAMB OF GOD's Randy Blythe.

"Bloodlust" was recorded with producer Will Putney (MISS MAY I, UPON A BURNING BODY),who also helmed "Manslaughter". The effort contained BODY COUNT's medley of the SLAYER songs "Postmortem" and "Raining Blood".

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