April 16, 2016

Aristides Instruments has announced their collaboration with Ihsahn, founder of the legendary Norwegian black metal band EMPEROR. Ihsahn has released six solo albums, with his latest effort, titled "Arktis", available April 8. This signing bolsters Aristides Instruments' already robust roster and expands the number of notable users performing with Aristides's innovative arium-constructed guitars.

As to why he decided to move to Aristides Instruments at this point in his career, Ihsahn commented: "For me, the Aristides experience came in several stages. First, I was struck by the flawless craftsmanship and quality of every component. Secondly, by the pristine playability, resonance and stability. Then I realized this applied to all of their instruments, but with a seemingly endless range of tonal variety. Aristides Instruments are no doubt dedicated to innovation, but at the same time so passionate about bringing everything I love about guitars into the future. I'm just thrilled to be part of it!"

Since 2007, Aristides Instruments has been engineering guitars made of arium, a tone material specifically developed for guitar manufacture. Arium's superior acoustic properties were achieved by studying the behaviors of sound in a microscopic cellular level. Elevating over traditional tone woods and materials, arium possesses one of the most ideal tone structures conceived, and is the heart and soul of Aristides expanding line of guitars and basses.

To read a full interview with Ihsahn on the Aristides web site, click here.


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