ILL NINO Drummer: 'We Have A Tremendous Amount Of Artistic Freedom Now'

February 29, 2008

ILL NINO will release its highly anticipated fourth full-length album, titled "Enigma", in Europe on April 7 via Cement Shoes/Soulfood Music.

"We have a tremendous amount of artistic freedom now," explains drummer Dave Chavarri of the band's new label home. "We're able to express ourselves without boundaries on 'Enigma'."

And that new-found freedom is evident from note one. "Enigma" is a much more natural-sounding album than any of its predecessors, with Latin rhythms and Spanish vocals snaking in and out of the more traditional numbers.

Starting with over 30 songs, the band took their time in choosing which tracks would make the final cut. "On past albums we spent about four months to record, mix and master. On 'Enigma' we spent almost seven months, as we wanted to make sure everything was the best that it could be," Chavarri notes.

After the music had been laid down, vocalist Cristian Machado set about penning the lyrics to bring the true identity of each piece.

"It's really about the deterioration of our planet and the policies that have contributed to the current situation of the world," Machado explains of the lyrical bent of "Enigma", "It's a story about destruction and consequence. Life and death. Elemental fury and spiritual awakening." And yet for all of its scathing indictments, the album is one of both anger and beauty. "Ultimately I think our message is a positive one. We promote self-awareness and individuality."

In addition to a new album, April also sees the band returning to the UK for a five-date tour. "We're finally coming back to Europe, all of us in ILL NINO cannot wait to get back and rock out. Visiting Europe and the UK is always an amazing Experience!!"

ILL NINO's UK dates:

April 26 - UK [to be announced]
April 27 - UK - London - Islington Acadamy
April 28 - UK - Wrexham - Central Station
April 29 - UK - Birmingham - Academy 2
April 30 - UK - Cheltenham - The Night Owl

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