IRON MAIDEN: Stage EDDIE Finds New Home!

March 20, 2003

You may remember that last year IRON MAIDEN ran an eBay auction to raise money for the Clive Burr Multiple Sclerosis Trust Fund... and one of the most interesting items up for grabs was a genuine "Stage Eddie" from the "No Prayer For The Dying" tour.

He's been cooped up on a container ship for a very long time, but a few days ago Eddie finally reached his new home in Japan. And proud new owner Yu Shimada sent a few pictures to the group's official web site,, of the day he arrived. "Bigger than expected" pretty much sums it up.

In related news, Iron have been aware of the existence of a DVD featuring IRON MAIDEN's "Live After Death" video from a Brazilian company called Editora D+T Ltda that is available for sale on a number of online music sites around the world.

Iron would like to make all their users aware that this is NOT an endorsed product and it is neither officially licensed or of a high quality.

"Many of [the fans] have been asking for DVD's of all the original IRON MAIDEN video releases and these will be made in the future when time allows the creative input from the band themselves to ensure the highest audio and picture quality possible," reads a message on the site.

"We have received and examined examples of the 'pirate' version of 'Live After Death' from D+T Editora Ltda and found this to be an inferior product and recommend that you do not purchase it. The 5.1 sound is not mixed 5.1 sound at all and the whole package is a cheap rip off and waste of your money. We are also currently seeking legal action to have this product removed from the general market place."

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