JASON BONHAM Believes LED ZEPPELIN 'Will Play Together Again'

December 18, 2015

Jason Bonham says that he thinks the surviving members of LED ZEPPELIN will play together again.

Bonham was able to live out all of his LED ZEPPELIN fantasies when he performed as part of the band on December 10, 2007 at London's O2 Arena.

Jason, who's currently on tour with his critically acclaimed LED ZEPPELIN EXPERIENCE production, tells Michael Christopher of Vanyaland: "In my heart of hearts… I do believe we will play together again. It remains to be seen if it will be in public or privately, but I do think we will play again."

Regarding what made the now-legendary 2007 concert so perfect, Bonham said: "What made the O2 so perfect was the preparation. Every other time, we really just got together in an afternoon and gone over a couple songs and that was it. For the O2, we blocked out rehearsals for six weeks; Monday through Friday four hours a day. A lot of it was talking as well about how we wanted it to be. We did the first three songs, so it was like clockwork, like a first-turn crash in a car race. If we can get past the first turn scot-free, then the rest of the gig will be great. That was very important to all of us to be comfortable on those three songs — and it worked. It really did, and it shows in the show."

Bonham, who received raves for his performance, recalled the thrill of sitting behind the drums for his dad and playing the one-off gig. He said: "I'm my own worst critic of myself, so there are things I would've changed, but as a whole, I was really pleased that I could play that day and have a good gig when it was really necessary. Everything I set out to do, from the tempos to little notations I had, I remember reading a review that said, 'Tempos,' and he ticked every box, everything that I was trying to achieve. So I was grateful that people noticed what I was trying to do, and that really made me feel good. I can't add anything to the greatest drummer in the world, but what I can do is represent him in the best possible way."

He continued: "It's a tough one, 'cause you sat in the greatest drummer in the world's seat, and it's your Dad's seat. There's part of me that was going, 'God, I wish he was here to see this.'And then the other part says, 'But if he was, you wouldn't be playing it.' [Laughs] Somebody said to me the other day, 'If your Dad walked in the room now and you have to play him three songs from that performance to impress him, Which songs would you play him?' It would be 'In My Time Of Dying', 'Nobody's Fault But Mine' and 'Kashmir'. Those three, I'd be happy to sit with him and say, 'What you think Dad? Did I do alright?'"

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