JUDAS PRIEST: 'Painkiller' 25th-Anniversary 10-Inch Die Cut Buzz Saw EP To Be Made Available For 'Record Store Day'

October 23, 2015

Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, has announced the label's lineup of collectible 12", 10" and 7" vinyl releases created especially for Record Store Day's Black Friday 2015, celebrated this year at the nation's independent record stores on Friday, November 27, 2015.

For RSD Black Friday 2015, Legacy is catering to connoisseurs of classic sounds delivered old school, offering a range of RSD exclusives and numbered limited vinyl editions.

Legacy's RSD Black Friday 2015 releases include JUDAS PRIEST's "Painkiller" (25th Anniversary) 10-inch Die Cut Buzz Saw EP. Commemorating the 25th anniversary of PRIEST's "Painkiller" album, Legacy Recordings is releasing this 10-inch die cut buzz saw EP, including the album's Grammy-nominated title track, "Painkiller".

In a 2012 interview, JUDAS PRIEST singer Rob Halford stated about "Painkiller": "We'd had a lot of adventures with our music, we'd done a lot of different things. I don't think that we felt that we strayed the course, but I think we all agreed that we wanted to make a defining metal statement. And, for a lot of our fans, that is the one — 'Painkiller' is the metal album for JUDAS PRIEST. It's just such a fierce, really in-your-face type of display, right from the opening cut, where we had Scott Travis, our drummer, who's been with us now forever, Scott opens up the record in a really signature drum sound, and then that screaming guitar of Glenn [Tipton] and then the vocal approach. And just that one song has become like a metal anthem in terms of extremity. And so, the rest of the record, as it progresses, is very precise. To me, it's like a kind of an amped up, jacked up 'British Steel', if that makes sense. Because 'Night Crawler' is just amazing, in terms of its riffs and its melody. 'All Guns Blazing', 'Between The Hammer & The Anvil'… They've all got that type of attitude that 'British Steel' had in terms of the musical, melodic content, which is very, very important for any band. I think it's very important to get as much melody as you can in any song that you write, because if you've got melody, then you've got a memory attached to it, and there's a lot of that through 'Painkiller'. So 'Painkiller' was a very solid, important metal album for JUDAS PRIEST."


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