September 18, 2002

KID ROCK will perform in front of a sold-out Farm Aid audience -- plus a few million Country Music Television viewers catching the live concert/telethon at home — this Saturday in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania.

Rock will perform "Picture" with country singer Allison Moorer singing the part Sheryl Crow recorded for Rock's most recent album, Cocky. Earlier this month, Moorer went into a Chicago studio to lay down new vocals for a new single version of the song, after Crow's label nixed the idea of her version being released as a single. The live Rock-Moorer duet will also be lifted from the CMT broadcast tape for possible release as a video.

"I love this song," Moorer told Rolling Stone. "It reminds me of when country was cool and when country had its tongue stuck out. . . . It's very balls-out."

Moorer is convinced the song will receive a warm reception from country audiences. "Kid Rock can work it any way he wants to work it," she says. "He has a great attitude about music and the music business. I really admire his bravery, because he goes about it in what I think is the right way, which is to have fun, put it out there and let the people decide."

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