KITTIE Discuss Approach To Recording New Album 'Until The End'

March 29, 2004

With just three weeks to make an album, KITTIE, producer Steve Thompson, and engineer Ian Hatton retreated to Longview Farm Studios to record an album with a live in-your-face feel.

"Making this record was definitely a challenge because we had three weeks to record an album that should take two months, but nonetheless it has turned out amazing," said Thompson. "The basic tracks on this record were recorded onto two-inch analog tape. We then transferred those tracks onto protocols HD. We did very little digital editing. There were no click tracks used either."

The members of KITTIE embraced the opportunity to record live in the studio as a unit rather than the piecemeal recording process that many producers use. "I loved how we were all able to play all together everyday to record the songs," said bassist Jennifer Arroyo. "I've never been in a situation like that and I think it's the way to go because of the feel you get. I feel it translates onto the track you're recording when you are all in there together."

"It gave us a sense of accomplishment, rather than working with tons of puzzle pieces," said vocalist/guitarist Morgan Lander. "Also, doing things as naturally as possible, using as little digital editing as possible, gives it a raw, real vibe."

The band recorded on a near-12-hour-a-day schedule, taking advantage of all the space the studio offered. "We were able to put the amps on a stage," said Hatton. "That meant that we could quickly switch between guitar setups. We had Jennifer's bass rig set up in a hallway and we had an additional rig set up for distortion in the gym."

Added drummer Mercedes Lander: "Since we had a lot more space to work with, we used a lot of different room sounds to get what we want out of the recording."

KITTIE's "Until the End" will be released this summer on Artemis Records.

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