KORN's BRIAN 'HEAD' WELCH Explains His Cover Version Of Song Originally Sung By JUSTIN BIEBER

November 15, 2020

"Perfectly Preserved", the upcoming second album from LOVE AND DEATH, the project led by KORN guitarist Brian "Head" Welch, will include a cover version of "Let Me Love You", a song originally recorded by French DJ and electronic music producer DJ Snake and featuring vocals from Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

During an appearance on the "Earache Podcast", Welch stated about LOVE AND DEATH's decision to cover "Let Me Love You" (see video below): "DJ Snake actually wrote that song. Justin Bieber is only a guest.

"I have always loved that song, and JR Bareis, the other singer in LOVE NAD DEATH, he brought it. He did a demo of it, and I was, like, 'One hundred percent, we're doing that song.' Just the heavy riff, you're, like, 'Oh, this is a cool heavy riff,' and then it goes into that, and you're just, like, 'What?' And I got some good screams on it and everything. And I was, like, 'We need to get Lacey Sturm on this song.' And I hit her and her husband Josh up, and it was like an instant 'yes.' It was just fun, man. We thought it was a fun thing to do.

"The last record, we did DEVO 'Whip It' cover, so we wanted to do [another] cover," Welch continued. "We actually did a Post Malone cover as well, but I don't know if we finished it or whatnot. But the Bieber cover just felt more fun; it was like just totally take a pop song and crush it heavy. It just sounds way more fun to us."

Brian went on to say that he and his LOVE AND DEATH bandmates will "probably get mixed reactions" from their cover of "Let Me Love You", "but we loved doing it, and it was fun to us, and it's crushing. There's a cool story that goes along with it too that I really can't talk about it," he hinted. "But we're gonna release probably a video for it and everything and talk more about it. But there's a cool story that goes along with it with kind of a mental health angle. But I love it, man. It's a fun moment on the record."

"Perfectly Preserved" will arrive on February 12 via Earache Records. The album marks the introduction of guitarist, bassist and co-songwriter Jasen Rauch as a full-fledged member of the band, as well as second-time producer for LOVE AND DEATH (co-produced by Joe Rickard). Jasen, best known as an integral part of chart-topping rockers BREAKING BENJAMIN, produced LOVE AND DEATH's first LP in 2013. The duo first met a year or two after the release of Head's solo album, "Save Me From Myself" (2008).

"Perfectly Preserved" sees Head and Jasen side by side with the band's original guitarist, JR Bareis, also on vocals and guitar, and powerhouse drummer Isaiah Perez. It was a perfect storm of friendship and creativity, as they all worked on the album in Nashville, Los Angeles, and Chicago, over several years.

Track listing:

01. Slow Fire
02. Infamy
03. Down
04. Death Of Us
05. Lo Lamento
06. The Hunter (feat. Keith Wallen)
07. Tragedy
08. Let Me Love You (feat. Lacey Sturm)
09. Affliction
10. White Flag (feat. Ryan Hayes)

KORN's latest album, "The Nothing", was released in September 2019 via Roadrunner/Elektra.


Brian "Head" Welch - Vocals, Guitar
Jasen Rauch - Bass
JR Bareis - Guitar, Vocals
Isaiah Perez - Drums

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