LACUNA COIL Guitarist: New Album Has Sound We Always Wanted To Have

April 6, 2006 recently conducted an interview with LACUNA COIL guitarists Cristiano Migliore and Marco Emanuele "Maus" Biazzi. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow: Can you tell us a little bit about the sound of the new album?

Cristiano: "It's actually the first album we had the chance to work on for a really long time. 'Karmacode' was — we started working on it right after recording 'Comalies'. So it was like four years ago. Of course, we started collecting ideas and stuff that always didn't stay the same until the final version, but that's when we first started to think about new songs. Of course, then we had to go on tour for so long and we did not have a lot of time to sit down, relax and write new stuff. This is probably the album that has the sound that we have always wanted to have. We had a higher budget. We had a longer time in the studio. We could focus on every single detail, and we could find exactly the sound we liked, that we never really had the chance to have because of time limitations."

Marco: "Yeah, we toured so long here in the States, so we've been influenced by a lot of different, especially American sounds. This album, talking about the music, it's mixed between the American groove, the American powerful and the European. It's still the melody you need, plus the more groove, more powerful sound." Why did you decide to cover [DEPECHE MODE's] "Enjoy the Silence"?

Marco: "We tried more songs, but actually first because we love DEPECHE MODE and we love especially that song. That's why we choose that song. We tried, for example…"

Cristiano: "SOUNDGARDEN 'Black Hole Sun', 'A Question of Time' by DEPECHE MODE. We tried to cover SISTERS OF MERCY. But they really didn't sound like it was LACUNA COIL. We could do something that sounds like one of our songs even if it's a DEPECHE MODE cover. 'Question of Time', for example, sounded exactly like a thrash metal band, so we really didn't feel like doing that anymore. It was cool, but it was completely out of context from the album. Besides, 'Enjoy the Silence' is really one of our favorite songs. It was really cool to do it and it came out actually like — it almost sounds like a LACUNA COIL song when you listen to it." How is the tour with [ROB] ZOMBIE going so far?

Marco: "It's going good. It's a ZOMBIE tour. For sure, we're supporting him. We just started the tour six, seven days ago. I really have a good impression about this tour. Almost all of the gigs are sold out, which is the best promotion also for us. We are coming out with a new album and he just did it, so it's a perfect combination. I like the crowds every night. Also, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, they're a great band.'

Cristiano: "It's a very nice package. Every night all of the bands have really good reactions from the crowds. It couldn't be better."

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