LIFE OF AGONY Bassist's SPOILER NYC Project: More Music Posted Online

September 8, 2006

New York punk trio SPOILER NYC, featuring LIFE OF AGONY co-founder/bassist Alan Robert on lead vocals and bass, has posted two new tracks from its forthcoming release, entitled "Grease Fire in Hell's Kitchen". The record will be released through an independent label to be announced shortly. Check out the songs "Lucky 13" and "Unpredictable" — which were produced by Robert and recorded by Danny Schuler (BIOHAZARD) at Underground Sound Studios and at Over Time Studio by Omar Clavijo (ILL NINO) — at this location. "Unpredictable" was the first song written by the band and was the song that started it all. Both cuts were mixed by Greg Fidelma (SLIPKNOT, JET, JOHNNY CASH) and DD Ehrlich.

When asked what inspired the decision to start the group, Robert stated, "A very close friend of mine died last year of leukemia while I was touring with LIFE OF AGONY. It really took its toll on me. I flew home for his wake and seeing him there, not even 30 years old, lying in his coffin, hit me like a ton of bricks. I started writing a song in memory of him and it truly was the moment that this SPOILER NYC project was born. The words and music that came out of me that day weren't meant for LOA. It was something completely different. Junkyard and I have been talking about doing a band like this for years it feels amazing to finally see this thing come to life. We've spent the better part of our lives hanging out, drinking, listening to punk rock records, talking about the day that we'd finally make our own music together. He's been with me on the road since LOA's very first show, so it's a long time coming. 'Grease Fire' is the record we always talked about making, and we're very proud of it."

LIFE OF AGONY is presently on break after completing their successful touring cycle in support of their 2005 Epic Records release "Broken Valley". Roadrunner Records has plans to release a remastered version of the group's classic debut, "River Runs Red", later in the year. Live performances and behind-the-scenes footage from the group's stint on last summer's Gigantour will appear on the upcoming "Gigantour" DVD release.

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