LIONEL RICHIE Speaks Out On ROB ZOMBIE Collaboration

February 28, 2003

Former COMMODORELionel Richie recently spoke to Rolling Stone about his collaboration with Rob Zombie on an updated version of the Seventies' classic "Brick House" for the soundtrack to Zombie's long-awaited and much-delayed horror film project, "House of 1,000 Corpses".

"When Rob called me on the phone he was so nervous," Richie said. "I said, 'Rob, why do you seem nervous?' He said, 'Just come over.' And he played this track for me, and it blew me away. He Zombarized it. Under no circumstances was he thinking THE COMMODORES. And I said, 'Give me a microphone man . . . you can't have 'Brick House' without some howse in it. You're not saying howwwse right.' Well he fell out laughing. The next thing we knew, we were slapping hands. And he said, 'Man, this is gonna scare people to death.'"

"When he first came by the house," Richie recounted, "my housekeeper answered the door and said, 'Mr. Richie, there's a Mr. Zombie at the front door.' He showed up, this long hair, dark glasses, dark beard, blue jacket, ripped pants, red-toed combat boots, and I love the question my housekeeper asked . . . 'Where would you like me to put him?' I said, 'Let him in the living room.'"

In addition to "Brick House 2003", which also features an appearance by female rapper Trina, the soundtrack includes other Zombie tracks, such as the psychobilly numbers "Everybody Scream!" and "Run Rabbit Run", as well as "Little Piggy", "Pussy Liquor", and "House of 1,000 Corpses". Also set to be featured on the soundtrack are classic tracks from THE RAMONES, SLIM WHITMAN, BUCK OWENS and HELEN KANE, as well as seven "horrifying instrumental tracks and terrifying sound bites," according to Zombie's official web site.

The "House of 1,000 Corpses" soundtrack is due April 1. The film is slated to hit theaters April 11.

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