Man Knocked Out By Crowd After Slashing Person In Mosh Pit At CATTLE DECAPITATION Concert

January 8, 2015

According to NBCLA, two people were hospitalized for injuries sustained in related altercations at last night's (Wednesday, January 7) CATTLE DECAPITATION concert in La Habra, California.

A 30-year-old fan allegedly slashed another person on the side of the neck with a knife after becoming upset over the fact that he was getting pushed around by fellow audience members in a mosh pit. Other concertoers — a group consisting of several males and females — then ganged up on the male suspect and knocked him unconscious.

Both the alleged slasher and his victim were subsequently hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, and the alleged attacker is expected to be charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

About 150 people attended the event, including SUICIDE SILENCE drummer Alex Lopez, who tweeted afterwards: "I arrived and so did 7 police cars an ambulance and a fire truck. Someone got stabbed in the neck... Took that decapitation too far... "

Fan-filmed video footage of last night's concert can be seen below.


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