METALLICA Bassist Talks About Upcoming CD: 'It's Gonna Be Heavy'

November 11, 2004

METALLICA bassist Robert Trujillo recently spoke to The Tennessean about the group's upcoming studio album, which the band hope to begin recording in February.

"We already have over 50 hours of song ideas recorded," he said. "There's some speed, some of it is kind of raw and funky, most of it has that heavy groove which I think is a stand-out ingredient for METALLICA. . . . James [Hetfield] is throwin' down some killer riffs . . . and whatever it is man, it's gonna be heavy. We're getting really excited about doing an album as this team."

Trujillo also commented on METALLICA's decision to bring out a number of rarely performed classics for their "Madly in Anger With the World" tour, which is scheduled to hit Nashville Thursday (Nov. 11).

''We're pulling out songs that haven't been played in 20 years, some that haven't been played at all," Trujillo said, gushing about "getting the guys to play songs like 'Dyers Eve' or 'Disposable Heroes', kind of fueling that."

''We'll basically learn it on the spot and go out and actually play the darn thing. . . . You'll get this amazing rendition of a particular song that hadn't been played, or you'll get a borderline mess. But that's the fun and the spontaneity of what we're doing now — and the new magic of this band."

Today's METALLICA redresses a lot of what people have thought about the band: The reckless party atmosphere that earned the band the nickname "Alcoholica" early on is a return-to-form you certainly won't see on this tour.

"Everybody's pretty healthy these days," Trujillo said with a laugh. "As you get older, you change your lifestyle a bit; we obviously can't be drinking all night and then get up there and try to throw down. . . . We have a chiropractor, believe it or not, who travels with us and whips us back into shape so we can get onstage and hold it down."

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