METALLICA Frontman Says 'Monster' Still Difficult To Watch

January 25, 2005

Launch Radio Networks is reporting that METALLICA frontman James Hetfield said "Metallica: Some Kind of Monster", the 2004 documentary about the turbulent making of the group's last album, "St. Anger", with its revealing scenes of band arguments and therapy sessions, is still difficult for him to watch. "First couple times it was difficult," he said. "There are certain scenes in the film that will always be difficult. You know, the fighting scenes — they're always pretty difficult. They always start to get your heart pumping again, and it makes sense 'cause it pushes a certain button in me, and everyone's got those buttons."

The DVD version of "Metallica: Some Kind of Monster" is scheduled for release today (Jan. 25). As if the original 140-minute film wasn't enough, the two-disc DVD is filled with extras. Among its 28 deleted scenes are more bass player auditions, a longer version of drummer Lars Ulrich's therapy session with former METALLICA guitarist Dave Mustaine, and footage from a live show with producer Bob Rock playing bass before METALLICA hired Robert Trujillo.

"Some Kind of Monster" also resulted in a book, "Metallica: This Monster Lives", written by co-director Joe Berlinger.

METALLICA are currently taking time off but hopes to begin working on a new album later this year.

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