MISERY SIGNALS Hard At Work On New Album

May 5, 2006

Milwaukee, WI's metalcore act MISERY SIGNALS have just entered the studio for a month-long recording session for their second full-length album, "Mirrors", to be released this fall. Working with producer Ben Schigel (CHIMAIRA, ZAO),the group is recording twelve new songs at his studio in Cleveland. Speaking on the new material, Ryan Morgan (guitars) says, "It is our heaviest material but more atmospheric than our first album. There is more of a focus on heaviness as a vibe than the jumpiness of our old songs which shifted quite a bit."

Besides exploration of new sounds, this album also features new vocalist Karl Schubach. Prior to joining MISERY SIGNALS, Schubach — who hails from Canada — had only played guitars in bands and never tried to be a vocalist. "I am a huge MISERY SIGNALS fan," Schubach says. "When the band released an mp3 without vocals for auditions, I downloaded it just to hear the song without vocals. Having my own studio in my basement, it wasn't a big deal to put my vocals on it just for fun. I played it for a few friends expecting a big laugh and they convinced me that I should send this to the band." The band was so impressed that Schubach was asked to fly to the band's rehearsal space in Milwaukee, where he was asked to join.

"People who are nervous about a change in vocalist or who think we are gonna get a clean-voiced singer can relax," Morgan says. "Karl has a monstrous voice perfect for what our fans have enjoyed from the band in the past." Morgan is also quick to reassure the fans that their identifiable and introspective lyrics are also secure. "A lot of people don't realize I wrote a good deal of the lyrics on our old songs. I'm still on the case." Speaking on the significance of the album's title ("Mirrors"),Morgan explains, "A lot of the songs ask questions about self and how people perceive themselves and the images that they present to others."

MISERY SIGNALS are preparing for their first national headlining tour this summer. Following that is an appearance on the Smart Punk stage on the Warped Tour. The rest of the summer will see the band as main support for DARKEST HOUR on their Canadian and U.S. dates leading up to the release of "Mirrors" via Ferret Music.

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