More Than 60 Fans Ejected From A PERFECT CIRCLE Show For Taking Photos

November 7, 2017

According to The Pulse Of Radio, more than 60 people were forcibly removed from A PERFECT CIRCLE's show on Saturday night (November 4) in Reading, Pennsylvania, according to David Farrar, the general manager of the Santander Arena & Performing Arts Center where the band performed. The concertgoers were ejected for taking pictures during the band's set in violation of A PERFECT CIRCLE's super-strict "no photos" policy.

Farrar revealed the number of ejections on Instagram when he commented on one fan claiming that he successfully snapped a few photos. Farrar remarked: "Your [sic] good. We tossed over 60 people last night for taking pics." He later added, "This was 110 percent the band's policy and has been for Tool, APC, and Puscifer... it's not a new policy."

The policy seems to have originated with singer Maynard James Keenan, who fronts all three bands and usually performs either in disguise or in a shadowy area at the rear of the stage.

Every show on A PERFECT CIRCLE's current North American arena tour reportedly has enforced a strict "no photos and videos" policy, with ejection from the venue threatened as punishment.

A show last week in Brooklyn featured printed warning signs posted around the venue, a security guard outside shouting the policy into a megaphone and a video message from the band displayed on all the venue's video screens.

The policy, while not new, still comes at a time when a number of artists, including members of DISTURBED, SLIPKNOT and RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, have spoken out against fans recording shows with their smartphones.

A PERFECT CIRCLE is next scheduled to perform Tuesday (November 7) in Camden, New Jersey. The band has been playing several new tracks on the road and recently issued a single called "The Doomed". A new studio album is expected out in early 2018.

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