MORTICIAN's WILL RAHMER: 'I'm Back And It's Going To Be A Brutal Year!'

MORTICIAN vocalist/bassist Will Rahmer has issued a lengthy bulletin via his account regarding an incident in Poland where he was arrested by the police after allegedly threatening a taxi driver with a knife and stealing a taxi cab following the group's performance in the city of Zielona Gora on Nov. 13, 2005 (see previous BLABBERMOUTH.NET stories: Story#1, Story#2). His statement reads as follows:

"OK, here's the story... I'm only going to write this once so do not ask me any more about it. Those of you who I know personally, I will give you the full story when I see you....

"I feel it's time to let all my friends know a little about what happened over in Poland...

"First off, I was sick before I even went on tour, and [on] the plane ride over, I started feeling worse. Then the ferry ride to England I got sick on. Then being on the bus with around 20 people didn't help me get any sleep — lots of partying, etc. going on, but I didn't do too much of that — mainly just drank a little and watched movies... There were no days off to get any rest and I was getting sicker everyday with no medicine until 12 days into the tour. Upon getting to Poland, I was in the worst condition yet, and my throat was really fucked up, so I didn't want to continue playing... There was some other bullshit going on, among other things, with some certain two-faced pieces of shit involved with the tour, so to make a long story short I decided to leave and go home because otherwise I was going to check into a hospital. Either way, I would have had to cancel shows and to avoid all the hassle I thought it was best to get back home...

"Now, I had a situation with a taxi driver over there, which I'm not going to get into on here. My close brothers and sisters that I love and trust with my life are getting the real story, but let's just say that i was faced with a life-or-death situation, and I had to react the only way I can.

"Now, those of you that know me well (not the other stupid idiotic motherfuckers out there that hide behind their computers and talk shit) know that I don't go around stabbing people for nothing — if anything, I use my fists first (like the same motherfuckers that like to talk shit don't know how to do). I took over the cab and tried to get to the border of Germany, but there was roadblocks everywhere, so I left the cab and went into the woods — [where] the police failed to catch me after about 5-6 hours, so I came out after they dispersed and had the truck stop cashier call the police and I turned myself in. That's when the nightmare started...

"OK, now I was put through some mental torture the first few days and they couldn't break me at all and they were pissed off 'cause of that. I was moved around to three different jails, and each one was the same. I only had one incident with some prisoners who turned out to be some of the biggest pussies I ever encountered (I love how it has to take 5-10 idiots to try to get me — that's real tough). But anyway, they failed, the pieces-of-shit prison guards failed to break me. I reversed their whole mental torture shit on them and taunted the hell out of some of them.

"As far as these fucking pussy, motherfucking shit-talking faggots on [sic] who thought i was going to get raped, beat or left to rot over there, I just got one thing to say: I'm back, motherfuckers, and none of you faggots would have ever made it out of there alive — you would have been the ones walking around in dresses and sucking dick or you would have killed yourselves out of fear since you're all really such pussies to begin with. You claim to know so much about the jail over there? Well, guess what, assholes? I ended up making alot of connections over there due to me being part Polish and Ukranian on top of being German, Italian, Irish, so maybe one day, after I find out who you are, since I can get your info, then maybe you might be suffering exactly what you wished upon me one day, either here or there — wherever fucking miserable place you live — so you all better have eyes in back of your heads, 'cause you'll never know when it's coming. You see, I'm out free with all charges dropped (never thought it would happen, huh, dickheads?). So you took advantage to talk all your shit while I was locked up. So obviously, I have a lot more connections and shit going on in my life, you'll never imagine, so I warn you now — I'm not the person you want to be fucking with nowadays, 'cause I really don't give a fuck about doing what I have to do to protect myself, family, woman and my N.Y.D.M. brothers and sisters....

"Now onto lighter things: I really want to thank everyone who has prayed, supported, donated, had benefits for me and just stood by me for this whole ordeal, especially my family (who really did all they can to get me out of there), Elena (for all the patience, love and support — I love yo!!), my N.Y.D.M. brotherhood (you really showed me what true brothers and sisters are and I love you all eternally), Biker 81f for the undying love and support, Crimson (C.T.D.M.), Greg (L.I.D.M.), and MALIGNANCY for throwing the benefits for me and my close friends who helped out in any way, the N.Y., L.A., TX. and FL. underground scenes for being the best in the world.... You all gave me the will to survive those shitholes over there and showed me what real brothers, sisters and friends you really are!!! I'm back now 2006 and it's going to be a fucking brutal year!!!!

"Happy New Year to everyone and I'll see and thank you all soon enough!!

"Will — N.Y.D.M. International President — 2006"

(Thanks: Zombierichard)


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