MOTÖRHEAD To Issue Career-Spanning Collection In October

August 16, 2003

MOTÖRHEAD will issue a five-CD, 99-song career-spanning overview, titled "Stone Deaf Forever!", on October 7 through Metal-Is/Sanctuary Records. It's the first fully comprehensive box set containing recordings made for multiple record companies during the period 1975-2002. And it's also the first one ever released with full band approval.

The track listing was compiled with input from MOTÖRHEAD and their fan club. Among the classic hits and rarities are 19 previously unreleased tracks.

The 60-page booklet includes rare and unpublished photos and memorabilia from the MOTÖRHEAD archives in addition to an in-depth essay by Mick Wall, the noted heavy metal journalist and editor of Classic Rock magazine. Another special treat is the cover artwork, which incorporates a newly commissioned painting by longtime MOTÖRHEAD artist Joe Petagno.

The complete track listing for "Stone Deaf Forever!" — with cited sources and an asterisk ("*") denoting previously unreleased tracks — is as follows:

Disc One: 1975-1980

01. Motörhead ("HAWKWIND B-side")
02. Lost Johnny ("On Parole")
03. Leavin' Here ("Stiff single")
04. White Line Fever ("Stiff single")
05. The Watcher ("Motörhead")
06. City Kids ("Motörhead")
07. I'm Your Witchdoctor ("Motörhead")
08. Motörhead ("Motörhead")
09. Louie Louie* ("Peel Session '78")
10. Keep Us On The Road* (Peel Session '78)
11. Tear Ya Down* (Peel Session '78)
12. I'll Be Your Sister* (Peel Session '78)
13. Overkill ("Overkill")
14. Stay Clean ("Overkill")
15. Capricorn ("Overkill")
16. Limb From Limb ("Overkill")
17. Dead Men Tell No Tales ("Bomber")
18. Stone Cold Forever ("Bomber")
19. Step Down ("Bomber")
20. Bomber ("Bomber")
21. Over The Top ("Motordam")
22. Shoot You In The Back ("Ace of Spades")

Disc Two: 1980-1986

01. Ace Of Spades ("Ace of Spades")
02. Bite The Bullet ("Ace of Spades")
03. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch ("Ace of Spades")
04. Live To Win* (BBC Session '80)
05. Like A Nightmare* (BBC Session '80)
06. Please Don't Touch ("Ace of Spades")
07. Iron Fist ("Iron Fist")
08. Heart Of Stone ("Iron Fist")
09. Don't Need Religion ("Iron Fist")
10. Shine ("Another Perfect Day")
11. One Track Mind ("Another Perfect Day")
12. I Got Mine ("Another Perfect Day")
13. Snaggletooth ("No Remorse")
14. Under The Knife (Slow Version) ("No Remorse")
15. Ain't My Crime ("Orgasmatron")
16. Nothing Up My Sleeve ("Orgasmatron")
17. Killed By Death* (BBC Session '86)
18. Deaf Forever* (BBC Session '86)
19. Orgasmatron (Spoken Word)* (BBC Session '86)
20. Orgasmatron* (BBC Session '86)
21. Dr Rock* (BBC Session '86)

Disc Three: 1987-1996

01. Rock 'N' Roll ("Rock 'n' Roll")
02. Eat The Rich ("Rock 'n' Roll")
03. Just Cos You Got The Power ("Rock 'n' Roll")
04. Black Leather Jacket* (Channel 4 TV)
05. No Voices In The Sky ("1916")
06. Going To Brazil ("1916")
07. Love Me Forever ("1916")
08. You Better Run ("March or Die")
09. I Ain't No Nice Guy ("March or Die")
10. Hell On Earth ("Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth" original soundtrack)
11. Burner ("Bastards")
12. I Am The Sword ("Bastards")
13. Bad Woman ("Bastards")
14. Devils ("Bastards")
15. Sacrifice ("Sacrifice")
16. Sex And Death ("Sacrifice")
17. Over Your Shoulder ("Sacrifice")
18. Out Of The Sun ("Sacrifice")
19. I Don't Believe A Word ("Overnight Sensation")

Disc Four: 1996-2002

01. Overnight Sensation ("Overnight Sensation")
02. Broken ("Overnight Sensation")
03. Listen To Your Heart ("Overnight Sensation")
04. Love For Sale ("Snakebite Love")
05. Snakebite Love ("Snakebite Love")
06. Take The Blame ("Snakebite Love")
07. Joy Of Labour ("Snakebite Love")
08. Orgasmatron 2000* (Internet download)
09. Stay Out Of Jail ("We Are Motörhead")
10. One More Fucking Time ("We Are Motörhead")
11. We Are Motörhead ("We Are Motörhead")
12. Shoot 'Em Down (TWISTED SISTER tribute)
13. Walk A Crooked Mile ("Hammered")
14. Brave New World ("Hammered")
15. Mine All Mine ("Hammered")
16. Voices From The War ("Hammered")

Disc Five: Live: 1975-2002

01. On Parole ("What's Words Worth")
02. Train Kept A Rollin' ("What's Words Worth")
03. Too Late Too Late* (BBC In Concert)
04. (I Won't) Pay Your Price* (BBC In Concert)
05. Iron Horse ("No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith")
06. We Are The Roadcrew ("No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith")
07. Nadine* ("Beware the Dog" - bootleg)
08. Steal Your Face* (BBC In Concert)
09. Mean Machine ("The Birthday Party")
10. No Class ("The Birthday Party")
11. Stone Deaf In The USA ("Live At Brixton")
12. Dogs ("Live at Brixton")
13. Traitor ("No Sleep At All")
14. Built For Speed ("No Sleep At All")
15. Acropolis ("Metropolis")* (Greek 45)
16. Angel City ("Everything Louder")
17. R.A.M.O.N.E.S. ("Everything Louder")
18. Silver Machine* (Bootleg version)
19. On Your Feet Or On Your Knees ("Everything Louder")
20. I'm So Bad, Baby I Don't Care ("Everything Louder")
21. Born To Raise Hell ("Everything Louder")

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