MUSIC AS A WEAPON Tour To Result In Live CD

March 21, 2003

DISTURBED's current Music As A Weapon tour with CHEVELLE, TAPROOT and UNLOCO will result in a live record featuring album tracks from all four acts as well as some live versions of unreleased songs, according to Rolling Stone.

"We just played one of those unreleased tracks, 'Dehumanized', for the first time," DISTURBED frontman David Draiman said. "It was one of the stronger songs we recorded for the last album, but we wanted to save it for something special."

"[The tour's] been tremendously successful," Draiman continued. "The vast majority of the eleven shows have been clean. We've got an impressive bit of production, lots of lights and some different staging environments and sets, the likes of which haven't been seen since the late Eighties. There's been the typical bit of boozing and womanizing, but we're gentleman . . ."

In other news, a remixed version of the DISTURBED track "Liberate" will appear on the upcoming "Matrix: Reloaded" soundtrack, due May 6.

"It's probably the most aggressive song on the record," Draiman said. "[Guitarist] Danny [Donegan] went through and put in different stops, there's a bit of a drum loop sequence going on, different mood effects and the guitar is taken out at times. It's a very cool remix."

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