NEGATIVE: New Album Title, Release Date Announced

March 31, 2008

Finnish hard/glam rockers NEGATIVE will release their fourth album, "Karma Killer", in their home country on May 7. Release dates for other territories will be announced soon.

"Won't Let Go" is the first single from the new album, showcasing the band's natural progress; there are fresh elements in the mix, but the song still sounds like NEGATIVE.

"Karma Killer" was produced by Mikko Karmila who has previously worked with Finnish heavyweights NIGHTWISH and CHILDREN OF BODOM.

"Won't Let Go" will be posted on NEGATIVE's MySpace page on Wednesday, April 2.

In other news, NEGATIVE has recruited guitarist Gary as the replacement for Sir Christus, who left the group at the beginning of 2008. "I've known the guys for about seven years, played at the same gigs with them with my own band, etc., so when NEGATIVE was in need of a guitar player, Antti (NEGATIVE's bass player) asked me to come up and try out with them, as they thought that I could fit into the band pretty nicely," Gary said. "Everything's gone well so far, the mood inside the band is great and it just feels natural."

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