OZZY OSBOURNE Is Not A Fan Of Face Tattoos: 'It Makes You Look Dirty'

August 20, 2020

Ozzy Osbourne has weighed in on the latest celebrity trend: face tattoos.

While notable figures like Mike Tyson and Tekashi 6ix9ine have sported face tats in the past, recent months have seen more stars than ever tatting their cheeks and foreheads, including MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee, rapper Post Malone and model Amber Rose.

Speaking on his Ozzy's Boneyard SiriusXM channel, Ozzy said about the prospect of getting a face tattoo: "I would never do that.

"Anything above the collar should be stopped. To be honest, it makes you look dirty."

The 72-year-old BLACK SABBATH singer went on to admit he hasn't been able to handle tattoo pain as well as he used to.

"They reckon that as you get older, it hurts more," he said. "When I started getting this fucking sleeve, I was, like, 'I am too old. Stop.'

"I was 50 something and I was like, 'What the fuck are you doing?' When he got my elbows, I was, like, 'What are you doing? What are you paying this fucking asshole to do?' "

Last year, SLAYER and EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt said that he was alarmed by the number of younger rap artists having face tattoos. "That's what dudes looked like when they passed out on the bus — we'd Sharpie the fuck out of you," Gary said. "And now that's what they look like on purpose. It's crazy. They're all fucking Sharpied up."

Post Malone recently added a new inking of a buzzsaw dripping with blood. He also has the phrase "Always Tired" tattooed under each of his eyes.

Earlier this year, Malone opened up about his many face tattoos, telling GQ Style that there's more to it than aesthetics.

"I'm a ugly-ass motherfucker," he said. "[The face tattoos do] maybe come from a place of insecurity, to where I don't like how I look, so I'm going to put something cool on there so I can look at myself and say, 'You look cool, kid,' and have a modicum of self-confidence, when it comes to my appearance."

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH frontman Ivan Moody sports a couple of tattoos on his head: a mohawk tattoo made to look like reptilian scales and feathers on his scalp, and a phoenix in flight, which marks his first year sober.

Back in 2014, Moody's FIVE FINGER bandmate Jason Hook got the word "Driven" added to his right temple.

KORN bassist Fieldy has a couple of face tattoos: a crucifix on the left side of his face, and the word "love" in Hebrew on the right side. KORN guitarist Brian "Head" Welch also has several symbols on his face, including stars, teardrops, music notes and a cross.

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