PHIL LYNOTT's Mother Unveils Her Own Wax Sculpture At Dublin Wax Museum

February 8, 2018

The mother of the late THIN LIZZY frontman Phil Lynott visited the National Wax Museum in Dublin, Ireland on Wednesday (February 7) to unveil her very own her wax figure.

The Philomena Lynott figure was created by the Irish sculptor PJ Heraty, who also attended yesterday's event.

Ed Coleman, the general manager of the National Wax Museum Plus, spoke about the launch, saying: "2018 begins on a bit of an emotional note with a waxwork of our longtime friend and patron Philomena Lynott. We're particularly proud that the introduction of her waxwork coincides with the centenary celebration of women’s suffrage. Philomena is our Queen Mother of Irish rock 'n' roll and we are proud to display her waxwork in the Museum."

"When making Phllomena Lynott's waxwork, we had a rather unique process," said marketing manager Laoise Keaveney. "We felt it rather appropriate to undertake the measurement process in Apollo Studios. This is the last recording studio in Ireland Phil Lynott recorded in before he died and it allowed us privacy and comfort to measure Ms. Lynott amongst her sons valued posessions. We used a mix of old style techniques and 3D Scanning with this waxwork. 3D Scanning was used to create a digitial scan of Ms. Lynott which helped our sculptor measure every detail. He followed this up with more traditional techniques in order to get a full understanding of Ms. Lynott's measurements."

The 87-year-old Philomena, who is reportedly battling lung cancer, told the Irish Sun: "I'm shaking. I don't know who to say, other than I think PJ has flattered me. But if Phil was here, he would be winding me up about it."

When asked how she was doing, Philomena said: "The Undertaker keeps coming by with his big measuring tape and I tell him to bog off."

Philomena's figure will reside next to the waxwork of her son.

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