Police Announce Arrest In Murder Of FOGHOUND And SERPENTS OF SECRECY Bassist

January 13, 2018

Baltimore police have arrested one of two suspects in the fatal shooting of FOGHOUND and SERPENTS OF SECRECY bassist Rev. Jim Forrester.

Forrester, a 43-year-old body-piercing artist at the Baltimore Tattoo Museum, was shot to death on December 18 when he stepped outside his work to speak to his wife on the phone.

Officers say they've arrested 29-year-old Michael Bailey in connection to Forrester's murder. He was charged with first-degree murder and various other counts, said T.J. Smith, a police spokesman.

Bailey was identified as one of two suspects seen in a surveillance video that police previously released, Smith said.

"The suspect that we have in custody is this man right here with the hat, the ball on top, the second suspect that has the cell phone, in his hand is the suspect we are still looking for," Smith told CBS Baltimore. "Tips from the community have been instrumental in helping us, and we are asking people to continue calling in.

"It was certainly a senseless act," Smith added. "I really don't have any further information about a motive. It appears they approached him. It happened relatively quickly. And one of the individuals pulled out a gun and shot him.

"This is a case that we're still investigating," Smith said. "We're still searching for information on the second suspect."

Prior to joining FOGHOUND and SERPENTS OF SECRECY, Forrester played bass in SIXTY WATT SHAMAN.

"He had a huge passion for what he was doing," Baltimore Tattoo Museum owner Chris Keaton told The Baltimore Sun.

Forrester had suffered from health issues, including a blood clot in his liver. Despite this, he continued performing with his bands, and appeared with SERPENTS OF SECRECY at the Maryland Doom Fest in Frederick in June.

Bailey has a long criminal record, including multiple drug convictions.

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