POWERMAN 5000: Possible New Song Titles, Descriptions Revealed

March 16, 2002

The following are rumored to be the song titles and descriptions for several tracks that have been penned for POWERMAN 5000's as-yet-untitled forthcoming studio CD, tentatively due to be released through Dreamworks Records in late 2002 (as posted by an “anonymous” source on the band's official message board at www.powerman5000.com):

01. Panic
Starts off with MINISTRY-like guitars, before crescending into a full sonic assault

02. Mechanical Failure
Very industrial. Think robotic vocals and berserk rhythms.

03. Ethereal
Ethnic and Gothic, with a variety of unique instruments

04. On The Run
Very Catchy, sort of like "Supernova" with a small horn section (No, this is NOT ska, this is chaotic!)

05. HeadTrip
The title speaks for itself, plenty of samples and sound effects, expect the unexpected

06. Immune
Sludge-Metal, this is the POWERMAN 5000 you have known to love over the years.

07. Confession
Acoustic(!),shows the emotional side of PM5K (and they have feelings too, TRUST me!)

As you may recall, POWERMAN 5000 were all set to release the follow-up to the platinum Tonight The Stars Revolt! On August 28th, 2001 when it was decided two weeks prior to the album's intended release that the whole project should be scrapped and the band should be sent back to the drawing board. The official explanation was that the move was a voluntary action designed to give the fans “the greatest album possible”, but the less-than-stellar reception to the album's original first single, "Bombshell", and the lukewarm reviews given to the advance copies of the full-length CD (titled Anyone For Doomsday?) indicated otherwise.

Although it is not presently clear if any of the tracks from the “scrapped” version of the group's forthcoming CD will make it onto the final product, it is rumored that "Bombshell", "Danger is Go", and "Megatronic" will resurface on the new CD, possibly in re-recorded form.

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