PROBOT Album Pushed Back To November

August 4, 2003

NIRVANA drummer and current FOO FIGHTERS frontman Dave Grohl has have pushed back the release date of his much-anticipated metal side project PROBOT to November through Southern Lord Records. "It's not a platinum seller, it's not going to change the world," he told Time magazine. "It's just my tribute to all those guys I worshipped when I was 16."

PROBOT's debut CD — which features Grohl, ZWAN guitarist Matt Sweeney and FOO FIGHTERS producer Adam Kasper accompanying SLAYER's Tom Araya, MOTÖRHEAD's Lemmy Kilmister and other singers (click here for more information) — has been in the works for much of the past three years, and was previously rumored to be coming out through either Roadrunner Records or RCA Records (via Grohl's Roswell imprint).

Grohl, who has recorded music in the last couple of years with QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, female singer-songwriter CAT POWER and the reformed KILLING JOKE, has been floated as a possible replacement for John Bonham on a LED ZEPPELIN reunion tour. "I have John Bonham tattoos all over my arms," he said of the drummer, who died in 1980. "I learned to be a drummer by listening to the ZEPPELIN catalog. The most important thing is that if they do a reunion tour, they find the person most capable of filling in for John Bonham. Of course, I would cut off my cock to have that gig."

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