Producer: New IRON MAIDEN Songs Are 'Very Progressive With Catchy Choruses'

March 24, 2006

The first of the IRON MAIDEN studio updates from producer Kevin Shirley has been posted on the forums (accessible to registered members only). An excerpt from the report follows:

"After our first week of knuckling down and beginning to cut basic tracks, we had a very interesting second week. We've cut 10 long songs for the new album, as well as four songs for B sides, which show quite an interesting side to the band. Don't worry, there's nothing like the 'interesting-or-maybe-not' B sides which were all that were left over for the Dance of Death singles. These are great cover versions with a terrific and humourous spirit!

"Anyhoo, the spirit in the band is as high as I've ever seen. Wing Commander Biggles (as I call Bruce [Dickinson]) is running around like a chicken with its head cut off, singing every take live, like it was his last — 'Arry, or Steve [Harris] is sounding better than I've ever heard since I began producing the band, galloping along very strongly — and the material is definitely the 'groovingest' in a decade. The songs are very progressive, with catchy choruses and I have to confess to being VERY optimistic about the material."

IRON MAIDEN recently confirmed a full European leg of their world tour for this coming winter 2006. The trek will start in Scandinavia on November 9 and will include new album material which will be released prior to the tour. They are currently considering album artwork and the production for the tour, which of course will be in true MAIDEN tradition with spectacular stage production and massive sound and lights ... and, of course, Eddie!!


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