QUEEN + PAUL RODGERS Working On New Material

October 25, 2006

Launch Radio Networks reports: The union of Paul Rodgers and QUEEN members Brian May and Roger Taylor is leading to new material. There have been hints about them going into the studio this fall, and May wrote on his BrianMay.com web site, "Roger and Paul Rodgers and I have been in the studio the last few days working on NEW NEW NEW material ... quite an occasion really. Apart from our excursions with Dave Stewart for Nelson Mandela a couple of years back (most of which never got heard) this is our first QUEEN new recording session for about 15 years. It may turn into an album ... it may lead elsewhere, but right now we are HAVING FUN! And ..... it sounds pretty amazing to my ears ... very different from anything Paul or Queen have ever done. And pretty epic!!" May didn't give any indication as to when this new material would be made public, or if there will be another QUEEN + PAUL RODGERS tour anytime soon.

May took time away from the studio this week to attend the launch party in London for his new book, titled "Bang! The Complete History Of The Universe". The guitarist co-wrote the book with professional astronomers Dr. Chris Lintoot and Sir Patrick Moore. Moore is the director of the Armagh observatory in Northern Ireland, and host of the long-running British TV series "The Sky At Night". It was that program which sparked an interest in astronomy in the seven-year-old May, and he went on to study for his PhD, but he left school for his musical career in QUEEN. May has been going over his old doctoral notes, and he plans to keep working on the material in hopes of getting his degree.

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