Report: MARILYN MANSON Brings Art Show To Fort Myers

April 2, 2007

Charles Runnells of South Florida's The News-Press reports:

Talk about keeping the drama going.

Art fans and Marilyn Manson fans packed Space 39 gallery and Patio de Leon on Saturday night (March 31) — many of them hoping for a glimpse of the goth-rocker.

But as the clocked ticked, it started to seem as if Manson might not show up after all. There was even a false alarm when a look-alike showed up in bone-white makeup.

Then, at 9:05 p.m., gallery staff and guards suddenly cleared a path through the 200 to 300 people packed in Patio de Leon.

Suddenly, the Antichrist Superstar himself swooped into the patio, thin and towering above most of the other patrons. Many people clapped and cheered as Manson quickly walked across the patio and into the small gallery beyond.

The 6-foot-1-inch Manson wore black leather and chunky black boots. As usual, his face was ghost-white and his eyes were rimmed with black makeup.

Manson fan Michael "Digger" Conder drove all the way from St. Petersburg to see the musician, and he was disappointed he didn't get a longer look.

Still, the night was young.

"I'm still hoping to get a picture and maybe talk to the guy a little bit," Conder said.

Then he showed off a Manson-themed ankle tattoo.

Read the entire report at The News-Press.

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