RIKETS: 'Program The Dead' Video Released

May 5, 2010

On March 27, Oklahoma industrial/metal outfit RIKETS filmed a video for the song "Program The Dead" with director David Brodsky (THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, HATEBREED, FEAR FACTORY) in Oklahoma City. The clip, which can be viewed below, features leading lady Staci Flood, who has worked with Busta Rhymes and Will Smith in addition to co-founding the BOMBSHELL BABIES and THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS burlesque cabaret revues featuring Carmen Electra.

"Program The Dead" comes off RIKETS' sophomore effort, "All American Death Cult", which was released on April 20 via Burnhill Union Records.

The band is comprised of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Scott Rose, guitarist and producer Provo, drummer Timmy Braun, Michael Reams on bass, and Nick Quijano (formerly of AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE) on second guitar.

Rose and company uprooted the original "All American Death Cult" recording session from where they began in Dallas, Texas and relocated them to Ben Schigel's (SWITCHED) Strongsville, Ohio studio. "Ben has been there since day ONE," says Rose. " He's a motivator, a mentor, a vocal trainer and a great creative mind.

"I've been friends with Ben for years and SWITCHED was one of my favorite bands. Working with him over the years on RIKETS has been cool for both of us because we get to jam together."

"All American Death Cult" features tracks such as "Sold Me Out" and "Cry Little Sister", a cover of a song made famous in "The Lost Boys" (a popular 1987 film). "I had called up Gerard McMann (original vocalist) who was an email buddy of mine and asked him if we could record his song for our new record," Scott recounts. "I wanted him to sing the song. I didn't want to fuck up the most perfect song ever, trying to re-interpret what this guy felt when he laid it down."

McMann came out and recorded with RIKETS, creating a powerful new version of the acclaimed track.

McMann had this to say, "It was great to redo the song with RIKETS because I was able to try new approaches to singing it and experiment with the track." He added, "What RIKETS have done with this track is massive. I've heard a lot of people cover the song and their version is just huge!"

"All American Death Cult" track listing:

01. It's Only Gonna Get Worse (intro)
02. Program The Dead
03. Designer Drug Hell
04. Vicious
05. The Murder
06. Allison
07. House Of Lies
08. End Of My Suffering
09. Cry Little Sister
10. Sold Me Out
11. Sew Your Eyes

For more information, visit www.myspace.com/rikets.

"Program The Dead" video:

"Program The Dead" behind the scenes:

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