Musicians Defend ROB ZOMBIE Over Interaction With Overzealous Fan

August 16, 2019

TMZ has posted video footage of Rob Zombie apparently reacting angrily to a female fan who reached across a barricade and grabbed his shirt in the middle of his show in London, Ontario, Canada.

In the video, which was filmed Wednesday night at the Budweiser Gardens, you see Rob singing and walking down an aisle in the middle of the packed crowd when the overzealous fan reaches her hand over the barricade and tugs at his shirt. Rob flies into a rage, yanking on her hair before pushing her back.

A number of other musicians — including members of SHINEDOWN, ALL THAT REMAINS and BAD WOLVES — have defended Zombie over his portrayal in TMZ's headline, which only focuses on the singer's actions and not those of the fan ("Rob Zombie Grabs Woman By Hair, Shoves Her During Concert").

SHINEDOWN guitarist Zach Myers tweeted: "If this was a female artist you fucking twat monkeys would have a whole different headline ..:.:. You pricks are exactly what's wrong with media. Here's a headline 'Rob Zombie gets assaulted by female fan... reacts'"

ALL THAT REMAINS singer Phil Labonte wrote: "I've been literally groped by 'over zealous fans' more than once at shows. It's fucking gross and it's not 'ok' cause I'm a guy. TMZs framing of this is crap."

He added: "There was one time in particular, had I not been wearing pants, a certain part of my anatomy would have been in her mouth. I told her if she touched me again I would kick her."

Rob is wrapping up the current leg of his "Twins Of Evil" tour with Marilyn Manson and PALAYE ROYALE. The live show is filled with spectacle.

"I grew up loving the recording artists who invented rock showmanship," Zombie told The Gazette. "I grew up on Alice Cooper and KISS, and I loved what they did live when I was a kid just as much as I love their songs. That was a big influence on me."

Rob went on to say that "rock has always been about both" style and substance. "It wouldn't have been the same if Jimi Hendrix was fat and bald. There has always been a visual side of rock, and it connects with me, since film is obviously visual. But you also need solid songs. It can't just be about a look."

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