ROYAL ANGUISH: New Album Samples Available

July 31, 2008

Three tracks from the forthcoming ROYAL ANGUISH album entitled "The Grand Deception" are available for streaming on the Florida-based extreme metal act's MySpace page. Check out the songs "Please Educate Me", "Thy Pale Existence" (featuring Meri Tadic of ELUVEITIE) and "The Grand Deception" (featuring Jasper Pieterson of MORPHIA) at this location.

The cover art for "The Grand Deception" was created by Alexandra V. Bach at Ravendusk Designs (KAMELOT, WYKKED WYTCH, OPERATIKA).

"The Grand Deception" track listing (not final sequence):

01. Dawn Of The New Age (Intro)
02. Only The Weak Survive
03. Please Educate Me
04. Into The Wilderness
05. Thy Pale Existence
06. Sullen Eyes Revisited
07. Blood On Your Hands
08. Lovelorn Betrayal
09. Dirt At Your Feet
10. The Grand Deception
11. Demon Seed
12. Kindred Spirits

ROYAL ANGUISH's "A Journey Through The Shadows of Time" CD and "Tales of Sullen Eyes" EP were released through Fear Dark (Holland) in 2006.

ROYAL ANGUISH bassist Sean Tibbetts recently did some session live work with KAMELOT.

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