SCOTT STAPP: 'It Got To The Point Where It Was Either Get Sober Or Lose My Wife And Kids'

April 10, 2019

CREED frontman Scott Stapp has credited his family with helping him achieve sobriety after years of abusing alcohol, Xanax and Percocet.

"My wife and my kids were critical in helping me get sober," he told Meltdown of the Detroit radio station WRIF in a new interview (hear audio below). "It got to the point where it was either get sober or lose my wife and kids, man, and that's about the lowest rock bottom that I could possibly have gotten to. So they were critical."

According to Stapp, the rock and roll lifestyle "definitely" contributed to him "going down that wrong path. I just had so much in front of me, and being so naïve, walking into it, I just didn't know how to handle it, and it got a hold of me," he explained. "And around the same time, I had my first onset of depression. And you combine that with self-medicating, with alcohol and whatever else you can find, and it's a bad scenario, man. And it took me years to really find out what was going on. I had to get to the other side of it. And it's so nice to be five years on the other side of a wild ride."

At a recent MusiCares event, the Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum songwriter and vocalist, who will release his new album, "The Space Between The Shadows", in July via Napalm Records, thanked the organization for supporting musicians who are trying to get sober.

He said: "I still have a lot of music ahead me and without MusiCares, that wouldn't have been possible. They provided support and helped educate my wife and I on what we were going through, that it was a disease, and if I did my part, it could be treated and recovered from. Thanks to MusiCares and my family, I'm going on five years sober."

The visualizer video for Stapp's new single, "Purpose For Pain", can be seen below.

Stapp is known as frontman for CREED (over 50 million albums sold worldwide),and for his work as a solo artist who released the platinum-certified "The Great Divide" (2005) and "Proof Of Life" (2013),which featured his first solo Billboard No. 1, "Slow Suicide".

Scott will embark on a cross-country summer tour in late June.

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