SIX FEET UNDER's Concert In Moscow Will Mark 'The Longest Performance In The History Of Death Metal,' According To CHRIS BARNES

August 20, 2018

SIX FEET UNDER vocalist Chris Barnes claims that the band's October 27 concert in Moscow, Russia "will mark the longest performance in the history of death metal." The veteran group will play a 25-song set with an expected running time of "over an hour and 30 minutes," according to the singer.

"So very happy and honored to have been invited to Moscow," he added. "This marks SIX FEET UNDER's first appearance in Russia, and we are gonna give all our fans who have been waiting to see us the best damn death metal show of their lives! See you soon, friends!"

Last month, SIX FEET UNDER issued a compilation album, titled "Unburied", in digital format through Metal Blade Records. The disc was produced by Barnes, and mixed and mastered by Chaz Najjar at Badlands Recording in Denver, Colorado. The LP consists of nine songs recorded during sessions for the albums "Undead" (2012),"Unborn" (2013) and "Torment" (2017). Music for the tracks was written by the following guitarists: WHITECHAPEL's Ben Savage, TORTURE KILLER's Jari Laine, current THE HAUNTED and former SIX FEET UNDER member Ola Englund, and ex-CHIMAIRA and SIX FEET UNDER member Rob Arnold. In addition, bassist Jeff Hughell wrote the music for the song "As The Dying Scream".

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