SLIPKNOT's M. SHAWN CRAHAN Is 'Preparing' Himself For First Anniversary Of His Daughter's Death

April 21, 2020

SLIPKNOT percussionist and co-founder M. Shawn "Clown" Crahan has told Rolling Stone that he has spent some of his coronavirus downtime reflecting on his daughter Gabrielle Crahan's passing.

"I've had a lot of deaths in a short amount of time and my therapist and I agree that I've never really had any time to really grieve these people that mean so much to me," Shawn said.

"I lost my daughter less than a year ago. It's coming up on a year anniversary. Sorry to bring it up, but it's real. And the only way that I can get through it is to speak about it now. I haven't been, but the anniversary of it is next month. And quite honestly, I'm preparing myself. I'm out here with survival gear. I think everybody would laugh at the Clown — be like, 'Look at this guy.' You know, I FaceTimed my manager one day and he was like, 'What the hell?'"

The 22-year-old Gabrielle Crahan was remembered in her obituary as a "social butterfly" with an "outgoing personality, cheerful attitude, compassion and loving heart."

Gabrielle died on May 18, 2019 in Los Angeles, with Shawn announcing the death the following day. Gabrielle was one of four children Shawn had with his wife, Chantel, whom he married in June 1992.

The obituary said Gabrielle fought hard against drug addiction and worked to help others who were also struggling.

"She fought it bravely, and no matter how many times she fell, she would always get back up again," according to her obituary.

"If there was anything she wanted to leave behind in her memory, it was standing up for others, always being empathetic and compassionate and never giving up on the battle against addiction," the obituary said.

Although no official cause of death had been revealed, TMZ reported that Gabrielle died from what appeared to be a drug overdose. Police and the fire department responded to a call for a possible O.D. at a Hollywood home, where they found Gabrielle's body. CPR was administered, according to the site, but failed to revive her. Law enforcement sources said there was drug paraphernalia and evidence of narcotic use at the scene.

Gabrielle died just two days after proudly showing off an Alcoholics Anonymous coin she'd been given to mark five months sobriety.

"5 months" she wrote on Instagram, sharing a smiling selfie.

In her obituary, Gabrielle was described as "a beach girl at heart" who "loved swimming and tubing at the lake, riding her long board and feeling the sun shine on her face."

Gabrielle's brother Simon and older sister Alexandria both expressed their grief over her death on social media.

In September 2018, Shawn Crahanpaid tribute to his daughter on her birthday by sharing a throwback picture of a young Gabrielle. He wrote: "We love you Gabri."

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