SOILENT GREEN Announce New Album Title

March 11, 2005

SOILENT GREEN have set "Confrontation" as the title of their long-awaited new album.

The follow up to the band's 2001 release, "A Deleted Symphony for the Beaten Down", "Confrontation" sees the band explore the hardships they have faced over the past four years including near death auto accidents and the passing of former bassist and close friend, Scott Williams, in a way that sounds undeniably SOILENT. Recorded at Mana Studios in Tampa, Florida by producer/engineer Erik Rutan (PREMONITIONS OF WAR, HATE ETERNAL),the final track listing for "Confrontation" is as follows:

01. Scarlet Sunrise
02. Leaves Of Three
03. A Scream Trapped Underwater
04. Forgive & Regret
05. 12 oz. Prophet
06. Southern Spirit Suite
07. Pretty Smiles & Shattered Teeth
08. Liquor & Cigarettes
09. Theory Of Pride In Tragedy
10. Fingernails On A Chalkboard
11. Paper Cut
12. They Lie To Hide The Truth
13. Another Cheap Brand of Luck
14. This Glass House Of Broken Words
15. A Permanent Solution To A Temporary Problem

"Confrontation" is slated for a June 2005 release via Relapse Records.

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