SOILWORK Shares Another New Single, 'Nous Sommes La Guerre'

June 17, 2022

Sweden's melodic death metal veterans SOILWORK will release their first studio album in three years, "Övergivenheten", on August 19 via Nuclear Blast Records. The LP's latest single, "Nous Sommes La Guerre", can be streamed below.

SOILWORK comments: "'Nous Sommes La Guerre' evolved around a 'fight or flight' theme. The song is about internal struggles and confronting your own worst sides. It's a cry for help in defeating the darkness inside of you and move towards a brighter path."

The extraordinary artwork for the new single was created by Argavilda who has a very own view on the band's latest output. He offers his thoughts about "Nous Sommes La Guerre" and his interpretation of it: "The idea is to peel the skin of the narrator to reveal the individual layers and see what makes the individual. All the scarred and murky sides being laid bare the deeper you dig. Crying golden blood because there are no more tears. It is a person soul searching to find answers and exposing themselves to ask for help. My interpretation of the lyrics is intricately connected to being lost and realizing, that you must build yourself up anew and that you cannot do it alone."

Musically and lyrically evolved, "Övergivenheten" is described in a press release as SOILWORK's "most complex and elaborate album to date which marks a new phase of their career. Not only due to the tremendous effort and time they put in but also the results on the album reflect years of development and experience as a band."

SOILWORK frontman Björn Strid comments: "The title track of this album just might be the pinnacle of this band's musical journey — it sums up everything that we've ever been about and the sometimes risky musical venture that this band embarked on some 20 years ago. To me, this song is as close to the heart as it gets."

SOILWORK was formed in Helsingborg in 1995. Following two highly acclaimed albums, "Steel Bath Suicide" (1998) and "The Chainheart Machine" (1999) on Listenable Records, SOILWORK joined the Nuclear Blast roster in 2001. The band's unique blend of melodic metal developed at a staggering rate as they released a new bombshell each year, touring aggressively throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan. Some of the highlights included Ozzfest alongside headliners BLACK SABBATH and IRON MAIDEN and an arena tour with LAMB OF GOD and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE. Their latest release was an EP, "A Whisp Of The Atlantic", featuring the 16-minute-title track.

In a 2013 interview with Australia's Heavy, Strid stated about his use of growled and clean vocals in SOILWORK: "I try to not limit myself. I just 'feel' it out, try to capture the song's feel. I've always been curious about trying out new things with vocals. I've never really wanted to get stuck in one thing, whether it was screams or clean. There's so much in between, you can go many different ways. I also have a band with David [Andersson] called THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA and that was definitely a challenge for me vocally as well. I think I got to know my voice a lot from that because it was a totally new thing for me."


Björn "Speed" Strid - vocals
David Andersson - guitars
Sven Karlsson - keyboards
Sylvain Coudret - guitars
Bastian Thusgaard - drums
Rasmus Ehrnborn - bass

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