SOLEFALD Complete Work On 'In Harmonia Universali'

January 2, 2003

Norway's SOLEFALD have completed recording and mixing their fourth full-length album, "In Harmonia Universali", for a tentative January/February release through Century Media Records.

"We just finished recording and mixing the album, and I must say that SOLEFALD has never sounded better!" Lazare, one half of the duo that comprises SOLEFALD, wrote on the group's message board. "I am in the process of mastering it in Oslo this week, so very soon we will have more than an hour of music just aching to be released to you people."

"[The new album is] certainly more experimental than [2001's 'Pills Against The Ageless Ills'], but I think the whole sound and production of the album makes it feel more straight forward than it really is," continued Lazare. "The album will consist of 10 songs, and the vocal arrangements are larger and more complex this time around. We brought along a male choir and a saxophone player in the studio, and that worked out perfectly. I didn't use synths as much as I usually do in the recording process - instead you will hear a lot of real Hammond organs (with a wooden Leslie case) and a Steinway grand piano. Damn I love those instruments!"

With regards to the album's multi-lingual approach and cover, Lazare wrote: "Yes, 'Fraternité' is a song in French, and 'Sonnenuntergang' is a song in German (it's not an instrumental - we actually sing in German). Cornelius wrote the lyrics for these ones. 'Nutrisco' is in Norwegian although the title is in Latin. There are several songs on this album that are 7-8 minutes long. The cover will be a fantastic oil painting - Just wait and see."

The complete track listing for "In Harmonia Universali" is as follows:

01. Nutrisco et Extinguo
02. Mont Blanc Providence Crow
03. Christiania (Edvard Munch Commemoration)
04. Epictetus & Irreversibility
05. Dionysify This Night of Spring
06. Red Music Diabolos
07. Buy My Sperm
08. Fraternité de la Grande Lumière
09. The Liberation of Destiny
10. Sonnenuntergang im Weltraum

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