SOUNDGARDEN Has 'Six Solid Tunes' Written For Next Album

July 14, 2016

SOUNDGARDEN members Ben Shepherd (bass) and Matt Cameron (drums) spoke to about the progress of the songwriting sessions for the band's follow-up to 2012's "King Animal" album. Shepherd said: "If it's going to be a SOUNDGARDEN song, it better be interesting. But I'm surrounded by some of the best musicians in the world in that band, I think. Some of the most creative minds, guys that actually do pay attention to their legacy, and the quality of what we put out. It's not just a job."

Asked how far into the album they are, Shepherd said, somewhat cryptically: "We're nowhere and everywhere all at once. We've already had two writing sessions. The next session is in August, and more decisions will be made then."

Cameron added: "I think we've got six solid tunes right now. We're gonna get together in August for about a week, do more writing, and hopefully got five or six more going at that point. We're off to a very good start."

SOUNDGARDEN started work on its new record last year, but took a break while singer Chris Cornell toured through the fall in support of his latest solo effort, "Higher Truth".

The vocalist told The Pulse Of Radio that working on different projects is what keeps an artist fresh. "At no time am I immersed in something that I've been doing too much of, and I think that's kind of what kills the creative spirit," he explained. "That's sort of what burnout comes from, I think. It's not from doing too much, it's from doing the same thing too much."

SOUNDGARDEN reunited in 2010 after a 13-year layoff, touring and then eventually writing new material that became the basis for "King Animal", its first new studio album in 16 years.

In addition to "King Animal", SOUNDGARDEN has issued a live CD, a greatest hits compilation and a two-disc collection of B-sides, outtakes and rarities.

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