March 21, 2008

SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN, the band led by guitarist David T. Chastain, will release its new album, "Valley of Fire", on May 13 via Leviathan Records. The CD's title cut is currently available for streaming on the group's MySpace page.

Comments David T. Chastain, "This lineup really clicked on the last CD, 'Third Time is the Charm', so I wanted to carry forward and see what we could do with the guys contributing from day one of the recording process. In the past, I had written everything but this time Eric [Johns, vocals] wrote all of the lyrics and melodies and this really added a different ingredient to the mix that definitely moved the music to another level. Drummer Mike Haid and bassist Dave Swart really 'locked' in together to form a foundation that powers each track."

The band continued its style of keeping the recording as "bare bones" and "live" sounding as possible.

The CD was mixed and mastered by engineer extraordinaire Christian Schmid in Germany.

According to a press release, "Valley of Fire" is definitely SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN's heaviest to date with a few tracks "flirting" with traditional metal more so than any of the band's previous three CDs.

David adds, "With everyone in the band's metal roots, it was just a natural progression to get a little heavier at times. While the music may get heavier Eric made a concerted effort to keep the vocals sounding 'blues-based' to keep the band's sound centered on our core beliefs."

David's final words: "Either you get it or you don't. We don't really care what is happening around us musically and we don't really listen to a lot of what is considered 'popular' or 'in.' SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN is having a great time playing classic music with a modern slant and we nor our fans would have it any other way."

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