STEVEN ADLER Says AXL Is Being 'A Real Selfish Prick' About GUNS N' ROSES Reunion

May 28, 2009

A BLABBERMOUTH.NET visitor by the name of Phillip Gregory has submitted the following report:

Original GUNS N' ROSES drummer Steven Adler is still holding out for a reunion with the band's "Appetite For Destruction" lineup.

Adler, currently on a drum-clinic tour of Australia presented by Allans Music, answered a number of questions to fans at the Sydney clinic last night (Wednesday, May 27).

Most queries had to do with Adler's relationship with GN'R frontman Axl Rose and whether Steven is hopeful of a reunion.

Adler didn't hold back.

"Axl is being a real selfish prick about it," he said. "Forget about the original band for a second. Axl's not thinking about the fans. The fans want a reunion desperately. It's really sad because we are all still alive and I know there's so many people that want to see us. I hope Axl gets it together soon while the fans still want it."

Adler praised Axl Rose for his past efforts.

"Axl is a genius and I still love the guy," he insisted. "Last time we met — about two three years ago — things were great. We shared a $3000 bottle of tequila and things went smooth.

"I really hope for the fans that we do a reunion tour."

Adler said he'll return home from Australia later this week where he'll record a track on the upcoming solo album by former GN'R member Slash.

"I'm so happy that Slash asked me to be on this album and I record with him as soon as I return home," he said. "After that I'm going to hit the recording studio with (ADLER'S APPETITE) to do a new album. We'll be touring the U.S. after that.”

On his first drum kit:

"My first drum kit was actually my mother's Tupperware. I couldn't afford drums when I was a kid. I bought my first set of drums off a friend at school."

On his favorite GUNS N' ROSES song:

"I'd have to say 'Nightrain'. So much adrenaline rushes through me when I play that."

On whether he still listens to "Appetite For Destruction":

"All the time. I can never get sick of that."

On getting kicked out of GUNS N' ROSES:

"It was devastating. My dream had been taken away from me. Saddest part was I had their backs; we were a gang. There were so many times when I had their backs. I used to get into fights at bars defending them. We we a gang. I guess the hardest part was Slash not having my back. We were childhood friends and that was the hardest part not having Slash's back when I got kicked out. But my grandfather told me a good piece of advice and that's time heals all wounds. I'm excited to have Slash back as a friend and to be working with him again."

Photo credit: Phillip Gregory

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