January 18, 2008

UK metal band SYLOSIS has inked a deal with Nuclear Blast Records. According to a press release, "It's seldom the best bands accrue the most attention, so you can fully expect SYLOSIS to be ignored by the UK metal hype machine, despite the obvious fact that they're phenomenally talented and have pockets bulging with fantastic songs. This is brutal, technical and deceptively melodic modern metal that favours invention over cliche and never shies away from nimble shifts in style, tempo or mood. The quintet manage to bring an epic, technical and melodic feel to the old school thrash sound, combining incredible guitar solos and bloodlust vocals. The outcome, a sound that is both devastatingly feral and blisteringly precise."

Commented the group in a statement: "We are really happy and excited to be a part of the Nuclear Blast family. The label is home to some of our favourite bands and biggest influences. We look forward to working with such a highly respected label and taking our career to the next level!

"As for future plans, we'll be entering the studio in a few months to start recording our debut album with Scott Atkins (ADIM, UNCERTA, MADMEN). We've got about 97% of the material ready to, just a bit of arranging left to do. It's going to be way more epic, faster and generally a bit more diverse than anything we've done before."

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