THANATOSCHIZO: More Video Footage From The Studio Posted Online

September 28, 2009

Portuguese avant-garde maniacs THANATOSCHIZO have uploaded the second in a series of video reports from the recording sessions for the band's new, semi-acoustic album. The band chose "RAWoid" (a theme that merges "RAW" from the group's first album, "Schizo Level", and "Void" from their third effort, "Turbulence") as the song which will be gradually portrayed in these video blogs.

THANATOSCHIZO is recording the new CD in two different facilities: Teatro de Vila Real in their hometown, Vila Real; and the group's own Blind & Lost Studios in Santa Marta de Penaguião, Portugal. For the first time, the bandmembers are assuming the production duties themselves and are being assisted by sound engineers Pedro Cabral and Paulo Almeida.

THANATOSCHIZO guitarist Guilhermino Martins previously stated about the new album's recording sessions: "We now feel mature enough to face this challenge in our career and it's also a way of the band going full circle, since we have recorded our first demo in Vila Real in 1998. Since then we've been working with Luís Barros (drummer of TARANTULA),learning a lot through the four CDs and one EP recordings at Rec'n'Roll Studios, but now we feel sufficiently confident to step ahead alone."

The as-yet-untitled CD will contain reworked songs from all THANATOSCHIZO albums — "Schizo Level", "InsomniousNightLift", "Turbulence" and "Zoom Code" — featuring an even more avant-garde approach with ethnical and progressive distinctive touches, already hinted on the band's "regular" releases.

The CD will be released by Major Label Industries and will contain some collaborations that the band will announce in due course.

THANATOSCHIZO's fourth album, "Zoom Code", was released in March 2008 via My Kingdom Music (Recital Records in Portugal). The CD was produced by Luis Barros (TARANTULA) and was mastered by Tommy Newton (CONCEPTION, HELLOWEEN). It features guest appearances by Svein Egil Hatlevik (ZWEIZZ, FLEURETY, ex-DØDHEIMSGARD) and Timb Harris of ESTRADASPHERE/SECRET CHIEFS 3.

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