THE END MACHINE Feat. Ex-DOKKEN, WARRANT Members: 'Phase2' Album Due In April

January 26, 2021

THE END MACHINE, the new band featuring two members of the classic DOKKEN lineup — George Lynch (guitar) and Jeff Pilson (bass) — along with former LYNCH MOB and current WARRANT singer Robert Mason, will release its sophomore album, "Phase2", on April 9 via Frontiers Music Srl. The disc's first single will arrive in late February.

Track listing:

01. The Rising
02. Blood And Money
03. We Walk Alone
04. Dark Divide
05. Crack The Sky
06. Prison Or Paradise
07. Plastic Heroes
08. Scars
09. Shine Your Light
10. Devil's Playground
11. Born Of Fire
12. Destiny

Last September, Lynch revealed to KNAC.COM that THE END MACHINE's second album would feature drummer Steve Brown, younger brother of former DOKKEN drummer "Wild" Mick Brown, who played on THE END MACHINE's self-titled 2019 debut.

Regarding the musical direction of the new THE END MACHINE material, George said: "On the new THE END MACHINE album, we went more DOKKEN-centric, which is what the label requested. The label is Frontiers, and they wanted something that was a little bit more geared towards the DOKKEN sound. When you hear it, I think you’ll agree that we were very successful in achieving that."

Pilson previously said that THE END MACHINE was "not just ex-DOKKEN members with a different singer or a rebooted incarnation of LYNCH MOB. This is a new sound," he said. Mason concurred, telling Love Is Pop: "I understand fans [expecting] it to be like B-sides from DOKKEN with me stapled on it, but it's definitely not that. I told them right away, I don't want to be involved if it's just gonna be that. Because that would feel like a shortcut, and I had no interest in doing that. But if it's got its own legs and its own entity, then we'll see how it goes. And when they started sending me ideas, I thought I could do something with them to the degree that it would be a unique animal. The DNA is there. George plays and you know it's George Lynch. I can't change my voice so much — I don't want to. Why would I? But everybody's got other influences. Jeff Pilson has got a real progressive rock kind of thing, and I dig that stuff. I'm a lot more bluesy. George has got his thing. And we really tried to make it different. And I think we did. Hopefully, fans embrace it. As I said, I don't want to reiterate too much, but they will hear the elements of it, but to us it absolutely doesn't sound like a DOKKEN record."

"Phase2" recording lineup:

George Lynch - guitar
Jeff Pilson - bass, keyboards and background vocals
Steve Brown - drums and background vocals
Robert Mason - lead and background vocals

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