THE HELLACOPTERS Are Working On First Album In More Than A Decade

May 3, 2020

Swedish garage rockers THE HELLACOPTERS are working on their first album in more than a decade.

The news of the group's recording activity was broken by guitarist/vocalist Nicke Anderssonduring an appearance on the latest episode of "Dr Gong's Drumcast".

Nicke said: "We're working on a new HELLACOPTERS album. We recorded about seven basic tracks [so far]. The thing is we do it very 'here and there.' The stars have to be aligned — literally. People think I'm the busiest guy, but no. It's, like, 'Well, I'm free here.' 'Oh, then I have to go to the country to the summer house.' It's that kind of thing. And then Dregen has BACKYARD BABIES. I think I'm busy, but he's the busiest man I've ever known."

THE HELLACOPTERS were formed in 1994 by ENTOMBED drummer Andersson and BACKYARD BABIES guitarist Dregen.

THE HELLACOPTERS' second album, 1997's "Payin' The Dues", was the band's last studio effort to feature Dregen before his departure to focus full-time on BACKYARD BABIES.

In October 2007, THE HELLACOPTERS announced that they would be breaking up after the release of their seventh full-length album, "Head Off", a collection of cover songs. Eight years later, the band reunited, initially for an exclusive performance at the Sweden Rock Festival to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of their debut album, "Supershitty To The Max!"

Robert "Strängen" Dahlqvist, who played guitar for THE HELLACOPTERS for nearly a decade, died in February 2017 at the age of 40.

Dahlqvist was a member of THE HELLACOPTERS from 1999 until the group disbanded in 2008.

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