THE OFFSPRING's NOODLES Undergoes Second Eye Surgery: 'My Future Looks Brighter Already'

June 16, 2021

THE OFFSPRING guitarist Kevin "Noodles" Wasserman has revealed that his second eye surgery was successful and his "future looks brighter already."

Earlier this month, the 58-year-old musician had opened up about his first laser eye surgery to correct his vision and had hinted at getting a surgery in the other eye.

On Tuesday (June 15),Noodles took to his Twitter to write: "I had my 2nd eye surgery (left eye, my dominant eye) yesterday and all went very well. It was a bit more painful than last week, but not too terrible. My doctor told me that my eyes were in his top 5 extreme vision corrections, out of 1000s of patients.

"During my follow up exam his morning the Dr said that the 2nd surgery often causes the immune system to react more strongly than the 1st, and that's why I'm feeling more discomfort this week," he continued. "But my my right eye is almost all healed, & my left eye looks good.

"It will take about 3 weeks for my eyes to fully settle and to be able to know what sort of prescription I will need in my new glasses. Until then I got a bunch of empty frames to wear.

"This morning was the 1st morning in forever that I didn't have to immediately grope around for a pair of spectacles," Noodles added. "Even though my eyes are still healing, it's pretty remarkable how well & differently I see things now. My future looks brighter already."

In a 2019 radio interview, Noodles spoke about where he gets his iconic glasses. He said: "Lately, I've been getting just frames from Black Flys. And I took 'em my prescription, and they said, 'Yeah, bring us your prescription, and we'll make you glasses.' I'm going, 'Oh, that'll be great. It'll save me some money. I like their frames; they're working for me.' I take 'em my prescription, and they go, 'Oh, this is way too strong. We can't help you here.' [Laughs] Their guy couldn't do it, so I had to go back… I just took the frames and went back to my guy. For some reason, it's been harder and harder to do my prescription; it's really hit-or-miss lately. It's not as much fun."

THE OFFSPRING's latest album, "Let The Bad Times Roll", arrived in April via Concord Records. The follow-up to 2012's "Days Go By" was once again produced by Bob Rock, who also worked on the band's previous two LPs.




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