The Washington Times: Has PERRY FARRELL Sold Out?

August 5, 2003

Scott Galupo of The Washington Times reports that "Lollapalooza 2003 rolled through Nissan Pavilion Friday (August 1) with a little help from Verizon Wireless and Xbox, Microsoft's video-game system. Not a few in the rock press have noticed the 'irony' that the resurrected Lollapalooza tour, the alt-rock revue spawned by Perry Farrell in 1991 and shuttered six years later, is now backed by corporate sponsors.

"No, this isn't your older brother's Lollapalooza.

"But has Mr. Farrell, frontman of the reformed JANE'S ADDICTION, 'sold out'? Hardly. He has shrewdly noticed what his audience hasn't: that corporations are not culture warriors and will happily throw their weight behind the counterculture if it will accept them.

"That's because there is no real counterculture anymore. It has gotten jumbled up, much as writer David Brooks said in his best-selling 'Bobos in Paradise', somewhere in bourgeois-bohemian crossbreeding: the cultural seeds sown by boomer CEOs with 1970s social mores, wafting on the revenue stream that follows a percentage of Ben & Jerry's ice cream profits into organizations that promote 'world peace' and sprouting TV commercials that market luxury cars with classic rock music." Read more.

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