The World Of Metal According To SLAYER's KERRY KING

August 30, 2002

SLAYER's typically-outspoken guitarist Kerry King has once again offered his opinion on a number of other bands during a recent interview with Metal Update, which has been posted online at this location. Here are a few of Kerry's comments as they appear in said interview:

"Um, they're all right…They've done a random show or two with us in Europe the past couple years. I guess musically they're pretty happening, but not that entertaining to watch for me. I need to be entertained, you know, anybody can play fucking guitar."

"To me, it's Euro-metal, you know? It might be the next thing, a lot of people say it is, but I'm into more aggression."

"MESHUGGAH is a really good band, they're just a little too out there for me, you know? (laughs) It's just like, what the fuck are these guys doing?"

's a little tired for me, you know, I'm not a stoner, so. . . To me, that's killer fucking stoner swamp music, but I've heard SUPERJOINT RITUAL, and I like that better, because it's more PANTERA-like."

"They've got 'it.' I don't know what 'it' is, but they have it. They're a little more bluesy and they definitely have the down south vibe, but 'Becoming' is probably one of the best songs ever written."

"Well, HALFORD, to me, is more JUDAS PRIEST than JUDAS PRIEST itself. Cause I heard 'Resurrection' and I'm like, 'That's the best JUDAS PRIEST song I've heard in ten years!' [As for JUDAS PRIEST] to me, they're failing miserably. And I hate to see them fail, because they're my own heroes, but the songwriting on these last two records, to me, just sucked a big dick."

"I like MAIDEN, and we did some of the shows when [vocalist] Bruce [Dickinson] came back with three guitar players, and it was the most Spinal Tap thing I ever saw in my life. . .They've got three guitar players onstage and you can't hear any of them until one does a lead. There's something seriously wrong with that. I mean, you only need two, for one thing. You've got [guitarists] Dave [Murray] and Adrian [Smith] up there — what the hell's Jannick [Gers] doing up there?. . . I mean, I was baffled. And when I saw them play, it was [drummer] Nicko [McBrain], fucking Bruce, and [bassist] Steve [Harris], and that was all you heard. And I was right at the front of the house. (laughs) It wasn't like I was sitting off to the side anywhere."

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