TOMMY LEE: 'I Have Been Moving Slowly Past The Rock Stuff'

May 29, 2004

Former MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee attended the Grand Opening party for Rokbar on Thursday (May 27) in Miami Beach, Florida. Tommy Lee is part owner of the new club. Check out pictures from Wire Image: Photocall, Party.

In other news, Lee recently spoke to 944 Magazine about his current collaboration with DJ Aero on a project with "a beat-bending sound that echoes Electronica, SNOOP DOG, LIL' KIM, GEORGE CLINTON and ill sounds that juggle Tommy on drums and DJ Aero mixing hip-hop in between." Here are some excerpts from that interview:

944 Magazine: How has your style of music gone from your early days of heavy metal/glam rock to working with DJ Aero and Mix Master Mike in the hip-hop world?

Tommy Lee: "It has been a natural evolution. I love industrial, hip-hop and hyperactive beats. Anything with drums really. Through the years I have been moving slowly past the rock stuff. Now I have created a free-for-all lifestyle with no rules and anything goes."

944 Magazine: Who are you dating?

Tommy Lee: "I'm with Pam [Anderson]. Things are going really well. She is the mother of my boys and I love her to death. It's good right now. She is an amazing mom. She will drop everything for the boys."

944 Magazine: You and Pam have had your moments. How do people react to seeing you out together?

Tommy Lee: "There’s always the 'drunk guy.' One time, Pam and I were at a Lakers game and her shirt had the number 55 on it. Well the token drunk guy stumbles up to us, puts his beer on the ground, grabs her tits and blurts some crazy shit out so I had to pop him one. I called my dad later and asked him if I should have done things differently and my dad replied, 'It’s your wife, I would have done the same thing.' Of course after the incident the coliseum security informed us that it was TIME TO LEAVE. Story of my life."

Ever date Paris Hilton?

Tommy Lee: "My friend Nick Carter [of the BACKSTREET BOYS] is dating her at the moment. He is about to record a solo record. He asked me to work with him and being the closet rock fan that he is, I decided to loan him a heavy hip-hop ballad I had written. Now I heard he may work with the BACKSTREET BOYS again so I may have to ask for that song back for my own recording."

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