TORTURE DIVISION: Rehearsal Footage Posted Online

June 25, 2008

Video footage of TORTURE DIVISION the new Swedish death metal band featuring guitarist Lord K. Philipson (THE PROJECT HATE, GOD AMONG INSECTS, ex-LEUKEMIA),bassist/vocalist Jrgen Sandstrm (VICIOUS ART, THE PROJECT HATE, ex-ENTOMBED, GRAVE) and drummer Tobias "Tobben" Gustafsson (VOMITORY) playing the song "Invoking The Knifer" during rehearsal for the group's upcoming debut gig at the Metaltown festival can be viewed below.

This year's Metaltown festival will take place June 27-28 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Other bands scheduled to appear include IN FLAMES, NIGHTWISH, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, DIMMU BORGIR, DARK TRANQUILLITY, SOILWORK, JOB FOR A COWBOY, OPETH and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE.

TORTURE DIVISION recently made its second three-song demo, "We Bring Upon Thee", available for download via the group's official web site.

"We Bring Upon Thee" track listing:

01. Invoking The Knifer
02. We Bring Upon Thee
03. Terroreyes

The demo was recorded in Sweden during April/May 2008 and was mixed by Dan Swan (EDGE OF SANITY, HAIL OF BULLETS, NOVEMBERS DOOM).

Philipson previously stated about TORTURE DIVISION, "The seed for this band's been going for a while. Me and Tobben discussed the possibilities of working on some more music together whenever the time was right. We came to the conclusion though that we wouldn't do it if we weren't a trio. And we also agreed that we wouldn't do it if J [Jrgen] didn't sing and play bass, being the third and final member. It should be us three and nothing else. Ever. We actually thought nothing would come out of it since we were pretty damn sure J would turn down the offer. We were wrong. TORTURE DIVISION was born. If one of us quits one day, TORTURE DIVISION is dead.

"What does it sound like? It sounds like... eh... torture. Not really, it sounds like fucken ass-groovy death metal with groove, tons of blastbeats and eh... groove. It's pretty damn fast most of the time but to do nothing but the fast shit will eventually become boring, that's why we include parts that are so heavy and catchy that... ehum... seriously? Fuck it, it is death metal, and we love it.

"What's the goal with this? To be the fastest death metal band in the world. No song below 600 BPM. We also would like to announce that we are probably the most technical death metal platoon out there. NECROPHAGIST sounds like ZZ TOP compared to TORTURE DIVISION. Or not. The goal is to play awesome death metal without complicating shit at all. We don't pansy around, we don't show off. We play death metal. Do you know why? We fucken love death metal. And we are damn good at writing it, just so you know. We won't even look for a record deal. If someone approaches us, that's cool then we might do an album. If not, it was always cooler to release demos anyways. Old school, you know.

"And the current plans would be? To play death metal, to record death metal and to perform death metal live to an unexpecting audience in the near future."

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